Amazing abandoned cart emails

1. Increase your sales

Do you know the average time that a person seeing or hearing about your product is 7 before they buy it? Using Magento abandoned cart email extension, you can send a series of messages to the email address which you have and educate them about the products and your services.

A potential customer will trust you and when you get the believing of customers, the sales process will become a gentle and natural so the inevitable result is that you increase your sales. Abandoned cart email is a great way to send advertising messages. If the customer wants to know when you release the new shares or have a sale, it can bring your messages to them in a few minutes.

2. Increase the value of your order

For most of the domains, abandoned cart email provides a great way to increase the number of customers and can easily add up to 30% on the average value of your order. For example, if you provide enough information about a products and its feature, you will save their time and create more sales for your business so it is beneficial for everyone.

3. Get honest and valuable feedback

It’s easy to get honest feedback about your products and services by simple asking because abandoned cart email is not face to face so the email address has to more honest with you. For instance, if you send an email asking what are they think about your customer service, attitude or how you can improve your products, you will be surprised the invaluable feedback that you get.\

Enjoy these irresistible benefits that the powerful features of Magento Abandoned Cart Email give to your E-commerce website!

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