Build up a constant contact with customers by Mageto Follow up Email Exntesion

In business, store owners need to keep a certain amount of old customers who stick to their brand for long time and usually purchase products from them. However, in the massive development of shopping online, there are too many strong competitors outside that store owners have to fight hard to keep their old customers stick to their products. Maintaining a number of old customers is not an easy task at all.

There are many methods that store owners can do to keep their customers such as giving discount, improving the products’ quality, etc. Among these methods, build up a close relationship with customers is considered as one of the best ways.

To have a good relationship, businessmen can try maintaining the constant contact with customers via Follow Up Email Extension by MageHit. This extension is proved to be an extremely effective method in regard of keeping in touch with customers.

Thank to its smart design and intelligent function, admin can send their customers email whenever he want. For example, a greeting email will be sent to customers on their birthday to give the best wishes for them. Follow up Email will be a professional tool in case your store offers coupon codes for customers. Moreover, this extension can alos remind customers of abandoned cart to motivate them to complete purchasing. Because of the constant contact between your store and customers, customers are likely to stay with your brand and feel satisfied with your service.

In short, building up a constant contact with customers will not be difficult as long as you use “Mageto Follow up Email Extension”. The function that we have mentioned above is just a part of a series of useful functions. Hence, if you have question or want to understand more about it, please spend time visiting this website:

After reading this post, we hope that you can at least understand about convenient features inside Mageto Follow up Email Extension. Many thanks for reading!

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