Follow up Email: Benefits for both your business and customers

Follow up email is a useful and powerful for any E-commerce site to growth the business profits. The Magento Follow up email extension is the best choice for your e-commerce because its interaction with your customers brings more and more benefits to them.

For your business:

Keep and attract customers:

Using this extension to get the feedback of your customers about send attractive sales and promotions, the products a customer has purchased and anything else you could imagine.

You never lose a customer after a sale as well as increase successful orders by sending email reminder of pending order, cancelled order, close order, etc. For instance, it will send email for them in hour to advertise all sales, offer coupon even congratulate their birthday. Therefore, it helps to keep your site in the customers mind always and to get positives opinion, believing…

Follow up Email reduces the rate of abandoned by sending email after abandonment in a purchase and so you‘ll never lose tracks of your customers even if they have abandoned their shopping cart.

For your customers:

About the receiving benefits for customer are saving time and money by auto login when coming back via direct link to see shopping cart or order detail. They can easily cancel subscribes by a link automatically generated in Magento Follow up Email extension.

Besides, customer will be reminded of problem such as warranty based on products so they can choose the most useful products.

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