Follow up Email Extension by Magehit: You arehighly recommended.

Though you are trying to motivate customers to buy your products, there will be thousands customers shopping online tend to abandone their cart due to some  reasons. This is one of the most unpleasant problems that all store owners don’t want to encounter at all. So what is the most feasible solution to tackle it? It is suggested that you should apply Follow up Email Extension by Magehit to your shopping online system because this tool is specially created for this problem.

In this post, we would like to explain why businessmen should install this extension from Magehit.

There are a number of reasons to purchase this useful tool and today, we would like to focus on 3 main reasons.

Firstly, Follow up Email Extension by Magehit offers admin a function in which they can send customers an notification email if they abandone their shopping cart. With this function, store owners can remind customers about their cart, as well as reduce the possibility that your products are abandoned. Besides some benefits for store owners, this feature also can benefit customers in some cases. For example, your customers are buying your items, suddenly their PC or laptop is broken. They will properly get angry because they can’t find their cart with the previous products. In this situation, sending an email with direct link to their cart will help customers not to search for the previous products again.

Secondly, this tool also can enhance the relationship between customers and store owners. Magehit’s extension offers you a chance to greet your customers on their birthday, offer coupon codes, etc. When your customers are taken care of like that, they may feel satisfy with your service. Furthermore, along with  customers’ satisfaction may be their loyalty.

Finally, Follow up Email Extension by Magehit can increase the efficiency of your sales. With its functions, once customers get coupons from you, they will properly want to purchase items more than usual. Besides, the notification email can motivate customers come back and complete their deals. This is a significant support to boost the sale volume.

Because of 3 above reasons, Follow up Email Extension by Magehit are supposed to create a much better service and become a tool that businessmen can not ignore.

Let’s experience Follow up Email Extension- one of the best extensions by Magehit and give comments about this tool!

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