How can Follow up Email Extension by Magehit benefit both customers and store owners?

There are thousands of extension created annually. However, finding a suitable and effective extension seems to be a very hard task for businessmen. Which tool can really bring benefits for both customers and store owners? The answer is Follow up Email Extension by Magehit. It was specially created to satisfy both buyers and sellers and indeed it has been helpful with many users.

It’s obvious that both customers and store owners can take advantages from Follow up Email Extension by Magehit. But how does this tool work to satisfy people? In this post we would like to explain why it can be useful like that.


For customers, Follow up Email Extension by Magehit created many functions to help customers to buy items easily and conveniently. When shopping online, in case of emergencies, sometimes, customers must leave your website immediately and don’t have time to save their cart. Follow up Email Extension, in this case, will be an assistant tool which helps to recapture their cart and send email to customers’ account to remind them of this case. Especially, in that email, a direct link to their cart is also sent to them. It is so convenient that customers don’t need to look for the previous products again. Just by one click, they can continue their abandoned cart easily.


For store owners who install this tool, Follow up Email Extension by Magehit can even benefit you more. If you are afraid of the situation that customers made choice but then they leave their cart in the middle of process, this tool will be a suitable solution for you. In this case, Follow up Email Extension helps you remind customers of coming back to their cart. The number of abandoned cart will be reduced significantly. Moreover, this extension also give you a chance to come closer to your customers by some functions such as: sending customers  greeting email on holiday or their birthday or offering them coupon codes. By this function, you can build up close relationship and avoid losing customers. Moreover, you will properly feel much more satisfied because this tool can also help motivate your sale volume when offering customers coupon codes like that. Indeed, it gives store owners not only a benefits many along benefits. Such a awesome tool!


If you still hesitate to make choice and feel that you don’t have enough reasons to install it, you should read more information about it at the address below:

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