How to convert emails into purchases

To get the high profits, we have an useful advice for you is always to keep the good relationship with your customers. Because, in the competitive market, customers can change their taste and behavior to other rivals anytime, this will make your business losing a huge amount of customers. How to build a strong customer loyalty and increase the number of sales is a common question storeowners want to solve quickly.

When Magento community is established, all problems on the ecommerce business will be solved and supported by useful extensions. In this case, it is not an exception, our Magento designer team provided you Magento Follow Up Email extension from MageHit that keep communication with customers by sending them emails on events like birthday, order confirmation, abandoned cart reminder etc. The merchants can attach the discount coupon with the email to attract customers to restore their abandoned cart and complete the purchase.

It is a great tool to increase sale volumes on online store. Therefore, in this post, i will suggest you some ways to convert emails into purchases easily and quickly:

  1. Discount offers based on customer wishlist

When you specifically know what your potential customers want, you are able to prepare customized offers for them that would address their needs and get rid of their hesitations. By the use of Follow Up Email Magento extension you can create special promotion emails based on the products added to wishlist.

  1. Winback messaging

The extension enables you to send winback messages with exclusive offers to customers who have not visited (not logged in) store for some time. The potential buyers will certainly appreciate the extra attention they receive. And maybe that extra attention is just the thing that will drive him to place an order.

  1. Birthday greetings

Greet your customers on their birthdays via Follow Up Email extension. Give them exclusively designed heart-warming greeting cards and coupons and you will definitely win their hearts!

  1. Newsletter subscription follow up emails

Send welcome nurturing follow up emails to new subscribers. Encourage them to make an order by offering a discount coupon.

  1. Product promotion based on customer previous order

Since you have showed to customers the interest in helping them and gave them what they want, the customers are more willing to consider your product or service offers. With the Follow Up Emails tool you can suggest them related, up-sell or bestselling products which they probably need.

  1. Get reviews to enhance your store credibility

This module allows fully automatic dispatch of review reminder emails some days after order placement. Establish close relationships with your customers and increase your store credibility.

  1. Notifications of customer group change

Inform your clients that their customer group has been recently changed and now they have special privileges on shopping in your store, for example, they were moved to loyal customers group and can purchase any items with a 5% discount.

  1. Unlimited number of rules

Create flexible rules for different events according to your business goals. You can set conditions for store name, product SKU, type and category, cart amount, number of orders and customer groups.

In conclusion, you have a lot of choices to attract customers, it depends on your store. But, i am sure that Magento Follow Up Email extension is a good tool for you to gain the high effectiveness.

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