How to get your customers ?

According to recent research, 7 out of 10 online shoppers abandoned their cart while 75% of that group trend to return later and purchase. There are some reasons that customers do that:

  • Hesitation, simply being not ready to purchase
  • Too high product price
  • Your services are not satisfied

If your store doesn’t use our abandoned cart email to catch these potential customers, you will lose them. By using this extension will motivate your sales though encouraging clients to restore their abandoned shopping carts. So, what should you do to attract customers.

Firstly, to discount or not discount

If you decide to send more than one cart retrieval email, you may want to design a ladder-style promotional email series, where each subsequent message contains a huge discounts promotion. These discounts can help shoppers to make purchase after thinking for some days. You should give an intermittent discount period for each sending email with cart email that exceeds a specified amount. You do not want to offer larger sales in the first email for customers because it hurts your bottom line.

Secondly, set the proper Rules

It is important to have a rule in that would prevent a shopper from entering the shopping cart drip campaign more than once. This way, a customer will not receive another email for each additional item when they use to keep adding more items into their cart. No one likes receiving email every day. Next, make sure that you apply filter to check in between each massage step to see if the customer has already purchased the item or has emptied the cart

Finally, test, test and test again

Be sure to test the workflow to make sure all the templates render properly and that the rules are working before starting you shopping cart.

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