Some instructions to use the Follow Up Email Pro extension

Every step below help our product will be work properly on your site

Follow Up Email Configuration

Go to System >> Configurations >> MageHit >> Follow Up Email (or Follow Up Email >> Configuration) to configure the extension.

  • In the Enable Follow Up Email field, select Yes to enable the module.
  • In the Default Sender field, select an email address of the sender.
  • In the Don’t send the same email within # of hours field, specify a number of hours.
  • In the Auto – clean “Sent” emails after # of day field, specify a number of days. After this time, the sent emails that listed in Follow Up Email >> Email Queue will be deleted from the list.

fue-configuration (1)

Manage Rules

Add a new rule To add new rule, go to Follow Up Email => Manage Rules, click on Add new rule, you will see the Rule Information page, which includes 4 tabs: Rule Information, Sender Information, and Send Test Email, Coupons


Email Queue

Go to Follow Up Email >> Email Queue to see the list of emails that are queuing to be sent. The module also supports to do action here. You can preview, select to send, cancel or delete the queuing emails.


Generated Coupons

Go to Follow Up Email >> Generated Coupons to show coupon codes, which are corresponding to each email queue generated at Follow Up Email >> Email Queue.


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