The automatic features of abandoned cart email

Magento Abandoned cart email allows E-commerce follow customers who add the products in their cart but not purchased!  Reality, this inserting product means that they interested in your product!

No follow -up leads missing opportunities for your business. Our cart abandoned expansion is what will help you to track customers. Your sales will show a clear rise and your customers will appreciate the reminder.  Let discovery automatic feature of abandoned cart email

You can automatically send an email to customers 6 hours or 24 hours after they abandoned their abandonment. Each email includes a permalink, also referred to as a permanent link, to a customer’s abandoned cart so that they can quickly and conveniently finish their purchase if they so choose.

Under certain circumstances, we may not send out a recovery email for an abandoned cart.

Only one email will be sent to a potential customer if they create more than one abandoned cart on a row. Therefore, repeating emails will never have avoiding the boring of customer.

If a potential customer creates one or more carts and completes a sale before the recovery email gets sent, then the email won’t ever be sent.

If a payment processing error happened when the customer tried to complete their cart, then the email won’t ever be sent.

If none of the products are available for purchase such as empty inventory, then the email won’t ever be sent.

Using Magento abandoned cart email is great way to develop your E-commerce!

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