Top reasons to choose Magento Follow up Email


For administrators


Events extended in set

Email chain can be opened or cancelled by one of the events:




  • Order obtained new state
  • Order obtain ‘###’ status




  • Customer birthday
  • Customer signup
  • Customer logged in
  • Customer activity
  • Newsletter subscription or unsubscription


Shopping cart


  • Abandoned Shopping cart
  • Receive the location abandoned cart email
  • Product price was changed




  • Wishlist shared
  • Item was added to Wishlist


Easier control and conditions


  • Total quantity and total count products
  • Grand total
  • Products
  • Category of product


  • By group
  • By life time sales
  • Number of review
  • Number of orders
  • Subscription status

Shopping cart


  • Total quantity and total count products
  • Subtotal
  • Product(s)
  • Category of product



Intuitive email builder


  • Follow up Email provides email editor including some common Magento email templates
  • Establish the trigger’s period of activity
  • Import temples from MailChimp to Magento Follow up Email extension


Magento send to follow up


  • Define a delay of sending emails in days, hours, minutes
  • Define different coupons for different items of the chain
  • Display Additional Products, Associated Products, Upsells Products
  • Create email for past events
  • View the sent email
  • View the queue of emails to be sent


Your email is analytical and improved


  • With Follow up Email you can tracking In the rate of your email marketing performance and improve it
  • Performance statistics for the email marketing
  • Follow the numbers of visitors by clicking on the email link
  • Follow the number of readers
  • Follow the number of orders or feedback by clicking on the email link
  • Each company statistics in detail
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