Using cart abandonment email: what should you do to get successful results


  1. Attract customers back with related item


In some cases, the recipient didn’t enjoy the item they added to their basket so much after all. So, providing these items with some attract images of other popular or related items in your store is a good way of getting them back and shopping. Keeping inside your data to see which items are common baskets top up items with this product and make sure they are displayed in your email.


  1. Usually incorporate your regular website


When you’re sending someone an abandoned cart email, the main goals is to get them back to their cart. The simply reason they do that because they changed their mind and didn’t want the items so much!  Incorporate your website’s regular into your email might well encourage them back onto your site ready to buy something rather than in the street.


  1. Confirm your trademark


You will certainly have spent time crafting a tone of voice for your brand.

Ensure that you product provides all of details such as: including price, color and the size that they selected. Besides, the important keys to get across in your copy are that:

The customers has left an items in their cart

They refer this item enough to put in their basket

You must remind that their cart will expire soon or that having items in your basket doesn’t guarantee that they’ll stay in stock.


  1. Call to action


As we’ve already mentioned, when it comes to basket abandonment emails there is only one action that you really want the recipient to take. Popular calls to action include:


  • Take me back to my basket
  • Claim my item
  • Complete my order
  • Continue shopping




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