Using follow up email in a smart way

1. Warn by email

An alert email to your customers after they abandon their content will send and see if they need to help with their order. By this way you can reduce abandoned cart and attract the potential customer who can become your buyer.

2. Use content

Many successful E-commerce sites have great content strategies. Instead of pummeling a potential customer with discount, new products that might interest him or last-minute offers to try to get him come back to your websites, consider giving him a clearly and helpful of content. It could be an article or video about your product that will get him excited in your website.

3. Send personalize email

Your email should be classified by group of customer with offers especially created to fit purchase patterns. For instance, housewife will prefer with home appliances rather than offices equipment. The clear orientation and sending offers email helps provide and make satisfied your customer; so the positive result is they will choose your E-commerce.

4. Send your thank-you note

It wastes no time on this none. A customer can not much satisfied about your product but a thank-note is not only common courtesy but a chance to show that your company is committed.

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