What Should be Included in a Follow-up Email?

You have already recognized the importance of the follow-up email. You really want to apply this trick but do not know what you should include in the email? Don’t worry because below are some recommendations for you:

1. Classified Group

Every customer group has its own interest, and that’s why you should classify them carefully. Imagine that you’re a housewife but keep receiving emails about computers, electric razors or cameras. Do you feel annoyed and frustrated? As a result, you should have a clear orientation for each subject, making them feel that you truly care about them, and waiting for them to come back to your store.

2. Useful Content

Have you made some videos or written some articles about your products? If yes, send them to customers. They really need detailed information about your product, and nothing but a video can finish this task while still making shoppers feel excited.

3. Alert Email

In case a customer abandons the cart, send them an alert email immediately and ask if they need any help with their order. This can somehow reduce the possibility of an abandoned cart in your store.

4. Thank-you note

A thank-you note doesn’t cost you anything. Instead, it shows that you are a polite and nice person, which helps a lot in creating a favorable impression about you.

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