Why store owners should focus on following up with customers?

If you are wondering whether follow-up email benefits your business, here are some facts that obviously show how follow-up emails are powerful in the sale process:

  • 30%-50% of sales go to the retailer who responds first (Source: InsideSale.com)
  • You are 9 more times likely to generate a sale if you follow up with web leads within just 5 minutes (source: InsideSale.com)
  • Customers who purchase products through emails spends 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers (source: Hatchbuck.com)

There is absolutely no way facts and numbers can tell lie. It can be said that follow-up is a crucial part of your business. It is one of the most effective and often used way to rise conversions, interact with potential clients, engage them and help them to stay connected with your store.


Of course, you can do the follow-ups manually or use a free tool but would it be better if you get a tool encompassed with numerous awesome features to help you save more time and optimize your sales volume? Here, our Follow Up Email Pro Extension for Magento 1&2 can support you best in communicating with your clients via emails. Besides smart functions such as sort and filter follow up emails into many categories, validate HTML, support multiple languages, our extension is extremely friendly to users as installing, upgrading and other processes are very simple.

You can find more amazing features as well as instructions for use of this extension at:

For Magento 1: https://magehit.com/magento-follow-up-email-extension.html

For Magento 2: https://magehit.com/magento-2-follow-up-email-extension.html

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